Top 5 Wednesday - Favourite Character Tropes

Welcome back to Top 5 Wednesday! This week we are talking about popular books tropes that you actually enjoy reading. A book trope is a commonly occurring event, theme or story device that are found in books. If you have any favourites, check out the Top 5 Wednesday group here to join in. Let's jump into these shall we.

1) The Declaration of Love
I love, love and when I read about it I absolutely adore when there is a moment when someone spills their heart our to another person. I love these moments in books and in movie. My absolute favourite moment is in the movie When Harry Met Sally when Harry tells Sally that he loves her on New Years Eve. I have that whole scene memorized. I know it's a movie example but it is my all time favourite so I have to talk about it.

2) Best Friends Falling In Love 
If you didn't already notice from my first example I love, love so I love it when 2 people who have been friends forever fall in love and finally get together. Now, this one probably has a lot to do with the fact that my current boyfriend was one of my good friends before we started dating. I love when it  seems to take forever for the couple to get together. It just makes me so friggen' happy.

3) Trials or A Competition
I love when a character is chosen to participate in some sort of intense competition. This could be a competition to the death like the Arena at the Hunger Games or like the Tri-Wizard Tournament in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. If there is some sort of kick ass competition in a book, I will probably want to read it.

4) The Band of Misfits
I really appreciate characters that are unique and different from each other. I love it even more when they all become friends and work together to complete some kind of adventure. I love when a group of people seems so mismatched that it shouldn't work but it does. Usually, with some sort of hilarity ensuing. My favourite example of this is in The Princess Bride by William Goldman. The cast of characters are all unique that when their group is together it is perfection.

5) Royalty 
I love books that have royalty in them. I love the the dynamic that is created by having one family rule an entire kingdom. I especially love books that take place within the castle or within court. It is so interesting the gossip and drama that ensues. I especially love the historical fiction books that take place during real reigns of kings or queens. It's just all so interesting and I would grab a book like that any day.

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