What I Have to Read for School

As many of you may know, I am a university student which means that I have to read a lot of things that I don't talk about on my blog. Currently, I am studying Forensic Sciences which means that I am reading a lot textbooks. This semester I don't have any actual novels that I am reading, but I decided to show you what I am reading when I am not reading for fun.

Class: Biological Anthropology 
This one is your classic textbook. Lots of words and diagrams. In this class we learn about where humans came from evolutionarily. This class gives some basics in biology, which was boring for me since I have my BSc in biology, we also learn a lot about primatology and what our last common ancestor with apes was. Honestly, I am usually bored out of my skull during this class and these readings tend to get neglected. 

Class: Introduction of Forensic Anthropology
This book is actually really fun to read. I don't see it as a typically textbook, and if you are interested in forensic science you might even enjoy reading this. It has a lot of case studies which are super interesting and help give lots of perspective to what we are learning. This class is about Forensic Anthropology which is used when they find a body which is skeletonized/partially skeletonized. 

Those the the 2 books I'm currently reading for school. I am in another course which is Intro to Forensic Sciences which doesn't have an assigned text (aka students dream). In this class we just learn about different approaches to forensic sciences, which is also an interesting course. 

Thanks for reading. If your a student let me know what your taking at school. I am super interested in what courses people are taking. 

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