Top 5 Wednesday - Favourite Fandoms

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It's been forever since I did a Top 5 Wednesday but this weeks topic is great. It's hard not to fall into a Fandom when you read or watch TV. There will always be something you love about it and stalk online. I honestly only think I belong to 3, so here my fandoms:

1) Harry Potter (Obviously)
I know this will be on everyone's list but this is one of the only Fandoms I can say that I am a true member. I am a Gryffindor. I have been to Hogwarts in Orlando and rode the Hogwarts Express. I was even Harry Potter for Halloween before it was a popular series (or less popular than it is now). My favourite part is that the books and movies ended years ago and the fans are still as strong as ever. If you ever want more Harry Potter in your life just hang out on tumblr or watch A Very Potter Musical on Youtube!

2. Star Wars
I will be the first to admit that I teared up during the opening crawl during The Force Awakens. I have been watching Star Wars since I can remember watching movies and couldn't imagine my life without it. My favourite fictional character of all time is Han Solo, I can't get enough. I will admit I am within the section of the fandom that doesn't particularly enjoy the prequels. Episodes 1 - 3 are not my jam, but I can never get enough Episode 3 - 6 and now 7! I also recently picked up a bunch of the books that are considered cannon and I can't wait to get even deeper into this galaxy far far away.

3. The Princess Bride
Anybody want a peanut? This one isn't as big as others but it's still pretty strong. This movie/book is insanely quotable and amazing. I fell in love with the movie first and read the book later. I desperately want to do a Wesley/Bread Pirate Roberts and Buttercup couples costume with my boyfriend. For a little while I wanted to have a Princess Bride themed wedding (t's a thing). I can't get enough. The Princess Bride is clever, romantic and a classic. It also has another one of my favourite fictional characters of all time: Inigo Montoya.

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