DNF Review: The Movie Game by Michael Edner

I received this book for honest review from Netgalley

Genre: Mystery? (I'm not 100% sure)
Publication: 09/10/2105 by Pen and Picture
Pages: 302 Pages
Format: eArc
Rating: DNF
Goodreads | Amazon

Goodreads Summary:
It’s been three years since Joe’s father vanished. Now seventeen, he is unaware that government agents are watching him in case his dad makes contact. Joe is too distracted by his secret girlfriend, midnight swims in the pools of strangers, free drinks from his buddies at the movie game and the glamorous college student, Felicity. But his movie-esque existence and addiction to fiction is set to collide with a heavy dose of reality this summer when he discovers everything is not what it seems: his secret girlfriend wants to be the real thing. His college fling may have ulterior motives. And the government agents want co-operation to catch his missing father. All this and the three year old death of Joe’s first girlfriend Alice are going to cause him to face some dark truths.

My Thoughts: 
I put this book down at about 50%, and that is not because it was bad but it was because I was loosing interest. This book sounded right up my alley. I absolutely love movies, and I totally understand Joe's love for movies. There are so many things that I relate to Joe about. The biggest reason that I am putting this one down for now is because I don't understand the plot. I have read half this book so far and I can't figure out what the plot is about. Goodreads says that's it's a mystery but I don't know what that mystery is yet. It's a really slow developing story and at this moment I just can't get into it. I did enjoy what I read and I might come back to this book at another time when I am more in the mood for this kind of story. What is really interesting about this book is the movie game that they play, I would LOVE to play that game with the characters. I think I could kick their butts! 

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