My Rating System

Over the past few months I have been considering how I have been rating books and what system I want to officially use. I've decided to use the 5 Star system. I am only using whole stars and decided not to use half stars. I find that half stars complicates things in my mind and I want to keep it simple as possible. I rate mostly on my own enjoyment, that's what I feel qualified to provide so that's what I give.

5 Stars
I absolutely fell in love with this story. It's almost perfect and I will think back to this book often. This book likely will be added to my favourites shelf. This is a very hard rating to get from me, I really need to be wowed to have a 5 Star rating. I have to be entertained the entire time and not want to put the book down.

4 Stars
This is an awesome book and I was very much entertained. This book is very good but I wasn't completely blown away. I often call these 2 thumbs up book. I had fun but I was looking for a little bit more from it.

3 Stars
This is still a good book in my mind but it's pretty mediocre. This is my middle of the road rating, I had fun but it wasn't very memorable. There may have been some problems but I was entertained most of the time. I often call this one the "not too shabby" rating.

2 Stars
I didn't like this one. I had some serious problems with it and had a hard time picking it up. It's readable but I just didn't have a lot of fun during the reading process.

1 Stars
I very much didn't enjoy this one. There wasn't anything in it for me and I might use some strong words to describe my feelings. It's probably one of my least given ratings. A book really has to displease me to get this rating. 

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