Pull List - 01/13/2016

Another Wednesday, that means it's new comic day! This is a pretty good week, as you can tell I am still very new to this community but I am highly enjoying myself. As you will see, I am picking up a lot of new series and I am excited to get into these.


Kennel Block Blues Issue 2 & 3
I just read the first issue of this series and it was AWESOME. Issue #3 came out this week and I picked up both issue 2 and 3. This series is genius, it's about dogs that are in jail. It's fantastic and if you want to read a non-super hero comic, check this series out.

Goldie Vance Issue #1
This one looks really interesting. It follows Goldie Vance who is a new sleuth. It's compared to Nancy Drew and Veronica Mars. I have high hopes for this book and I can't wait to read it.

Star Wars: C-3PO Special 
This is a one off, following one of our favourite droids. This book gives us a glimpse into C-3PO's story before the Force Awakens. What would a pull list be without a Star Wars book? Now I just need to catch up on both Star Wars and Darth Vader series.

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