My Intimidating TBR Tag

This tag has been going around Booktube for the last little bit so I thought I would bring it to my blog. Like every reader I have a huge TBR pile, and there are books we are intimated by. This tag was created by Lindsey Rey on YouTube.

1) A Book You Have Been Unable to Finish? 
The Serpent of Venice by Christopher Moore
This book is by my favourite author and I have been struggling to finish it forever. I have started and stopped so many times. The story is a satire of the Merchant of Venice so I have been having a hard time with the language. I have even tried listening to it on audio. I need to finish it sometime, but it's a struggle.

2) A Book You Have Yet to Read Because You Haven't Had the Time?
The Well of Ascension & The Hero of Ages by Brandon Sanderson 
I am excited to read both of these books but I have put them off because of school. They are both big and they require more time then I can give them right now. I just finished school this week for the school year and I plan to read The Well of Ascension during summer.

3) What Book You Have Yet to Read Because it's a Sequel? 
Secondhand Souls by Christopher Moore
Yet another Moore book. This one is the sequel to A Dirty Job which is one of my favourite books ever. I re-read a Dirty Jon a few months ago so I could remember what happened and read this one. I am seriously going to read this very soon, I mean it this time. 

4) What Book You Have Yet to Read because it's Brand New?
The Orphan Queen by Jodi Meadows
I currently don't have any new released in the books I own so I choose a book from my latest haul. The Orphan Queen came out last year, and it's one of the newest additions to my TBR. 

5) What Book You Have Yet to Read Because You Read A Book By The Same Author and Didn't Enjoy it? 
Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare 
This is a hard question for me. There isn't any authors currently on my TBR that I've read something by and didn't like. This is one of the closest ones, I didn't really like the first two books in TMI series. I did enjoy City of Glass though but since reading the first books I just haven't been adventurous enough to start this trilogy.  

6) What Book You Have Yet to Read Because You're Just Not in the Mood For? 
The Bazaar of Bad Dreams by Stephen King
This is a huge short story collection and I have struggled with short stories in the past. They aren't always my cup of tear but I really want to read these because it's Stephan King. His short stories are awesome and I am going to get to this. I might not read it cover to cover, but hopefully I'll start working my way through soon.

7) What Book You Have Yet to Read Because It's Humongous?
Outlander by Diana Gabaldon
It's a 900 page historical time travelling romance, and it's a super long series. This is intimidating, I have never read anything like it and I have no idea if it will be my thing. Maybe one day...

8) What Book You Have Yet to Read Because it Was a Cover Buy that Turned Out to have Poor Reviews? 
The King's Diamond by Will Whitaker
I bought this one on clearance at the very beginning of my book journey. I bought it because it was about King Henry VIII's court and I am obsessed with him. He's so interesting and I have even been to his palace! But this book has only a 3.09 on Goodreads, which has put me off a bit. 

9) What is the Most Intimidating Book on Your TBR?
The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt
It's big and out of my comfort zone. I really think I am going to like The Goldfinch, I just have to put on my big girl panties and just go for it. 


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  1. I really like this tag. I read The Goldfinch earlier this year. I got bored with it because it’s so massive, but some parts of it are awesome. I especially like the beginning.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!