Top 10 Tuesday: Favourite Movies of 2016

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I love movies, and I watch a lot of them. I probably like movies just as much as books so I was super excited to get to share my favourite movies that were released in 2016. Obviously, I haven't seen every movie that was released this year and there is still another month and half left. Here are my favourite movies so far from 2016.

I just saw this one this weekend. I love a movie that really makes you think and this movie have me reeling for hours. I need to see it again!
Who didn't see this movie? I loved seeing a fresh take on the superhero genre and I actually laughed so 2-thumbs up.
If you say Disney, I am typically there. The characters were totally worth the watch, very good.

The Accountant
 Another recent watch. This was another interesting movie and I have been telling everyone about it ever since.
The Jungle Book 
When I was a baby I watched the original animated one very night so I had to see this when it came out. Lots of great memories attached and it was an amazing visual experience.
Star Trek Beyond 
These are just awesome movies and I am always excited to see a new one. 

Movies I'm Excited For In The Rest of 2016
Edge of Seventeen
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
Manchester by the Sea
La La Land
Rouge One: A Star Wars Story

Let me know what you've seen this year and what movies you loved. 

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