Beginner's Guild to Comics

Comics have been picking up popularity around the book world and over the last year I have been reading a lot more. I have always loved any form of storytelling so I decided that I wanted to get into comics. I am by no means an expert but I have picked up some things that I think might be helpful for someone who is trying to get into comics. 

1. Graphic Novel vs. Comics
This one can be a confusing one when you start in the comic world and a lot of people have strong opinions on when the term graphic novel applies. However, all graphic novels are comics. Typically, graphic novels refers to a story that is contained in one book and wasn't released serially. If the story came out in single issues, it is often put into a bind up of 5-6 issues called a Trade Paperback. But a lot of us (including me) use the words interchangeably so don't worry about it.

2. Best Way To Read
This is up to you. I am currently reading both single issues or trade paperbacks. I find it's easier to read Trades because there is is often a whole story arch in one book so that you aren't waiting for the next issue. When I read Singles, I read them digitally on an app called Comicology. You can also buy and read Trades there as well, but I often get mine from the library or buy a physical copy. I highly recommend checking out what your library has to get started. 

3. But I Don't Like Super Heroes...
 There are lots of comics that aren't about superheroes. Often there is so much lore and history involved in superheroes that it's intimating to get into. Luckily, there is a lot more out there than just superheroes. There are comics of all different genres that are super easy to just jump right into. If you can think of a genre, there is a comic for it.

My Recommendations:

If you have read other comics that you think would be good for beginners, leave a comment. I have only been reading comics for a year, so I still have a lot more to explore.

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